Types of coloured contact lenses

With the use of coloured contact lenses you are able to give yourself a look that lies anywhere in between subtle and bold; whether it is for your every day look or just for special occasions. These contact lenses can be either with a prescription such as 1 Day Acuvue for Astigmatism, or to correct near and far sightedness or they could be used simply for cosmetic purposes.

coloured contact lenses are usually designed to reflect the iris, which is the natural coloured part of your eye. Because the iris is made up of different colours, shapes and lines, some colour contact lenses UK have a number of tiny coloured dots and different coloured lines to make the lens look more natural when placed on the eye. The centre of the lens is the area that lies directly above your pupil and this part is left clear for you to be able to see properly.

There are three kinds of tints that coloured contact lenses come in: visibility tint, enhancement tint and opaque tint. Visibility tints are a relatively faint blue or green tint that is added to your lens just to help you locate it in case it falls down and also to help you with insertion and removal. While visibility tint does not affect the original eye colour, the enhancement tint is recommended for those with light-coloured eyes and those who want to intensify the colour of their eyes. This tint is solid, yet transparent and is a little darker than the visibility tint so that it can enhance the natural colour of one’s eyes. Opaque tint is non-transparent and can completely change the colour of your eye. For those with dark eyes, opaque tinted contacts are recommended if the eye colour has to be completely changed. Some of the colours available in opaque tint include hazel, green, blue, brown, amethyst and gray.

For the extra fashionable market, some contact lens manufacturers specialise in custom colours for your contact lenses with or without a prescription. Usually, these customized colour contact lenses UK are semi-transparent so as to not completely take away the natural look of one’s eye. These are also used to camouflage an eye condition, defect or injury. Customized lenses are not just to enhance your appearance but they are also used by professional athletes to give them a better vision. These ‘sport tint’ lenses are designed to reduce glare, heighten depth perception and enhance contrast sensitivity.