How to Freshen your Feather Mattress

If you are reading this article, I bet you probably have one of these mattresses which are stuffed with feathers. They make you feel comfortable due to the soft sleeping surface. The thing about feather mattresses is that over time they can absorb smells quite easily. This will give you an unpleasant feeling and you should spend some time to freshen up your mattress as no one will fancy sleeping and living in a smelly room.

I will start with a traditional method for keeping your feather bed fresh. For this purpose what you can do is to turn it every day or once in two-three days in order to make sure that feathers are routinely fluffed.

Also you can shake out the feather bed, but you will have to find someone to assist you with this task. One person will be enough, so you both will be able to grab the mattress and shake it mightily. This will have much better effect compared to just turning it.

Another thing you can do is to spread your feather bed outside on an old clean sheet, if it is a sunny day. This will help the mattress to air out and any nasty smells should disappear soon.

According to professional cleaners in Reservoir one of the things that will also help you to fresh your bed is to pour a little baking soda on its surface. Let it sit there for approximately 24 hours and then shake the mattress to remove the substance. Baking soda widely known for its deodorising properties as well as cleaning qualities and no wonder housewives use it for different cleaning procedures at home.

The mentioned tips will help you in most cases, but still sometimes the best option will be to refer to professional mattress cleaning specialists or dry cleaners. Make a research and find out which is the best company in your area and contact them to arrange an appointment. Take into account that often you will have to refer to several companies, because these days not all of them have the right equipment for cleaning feather bed mattress.