Calgary Low Back Pain Doctors, Calgary Family Wellness, Helps Alleviate Pain Without Surgery

PRESS RELEASE: Calgary AB, 18-JANUARY-2014 - Calgary Family Wellness and Dr. Dana M. Lougheed DC, Calgary chiropractor, are pleased to announce that pain in the lower back can be alleviated through the use of non-invasive chiropractic procedures. The philosophy and methods of chiropractic medicine do not require the use of pharmaceuticals in order to be effective. Drugs can mask pain, which may provide temporary cessation of symptoms, but do not resolve the underlying issues.

Dr. Dana Lougheed DC,Calgary Chiropractor, spoke recently to an interviewer, "Low back pain is one of the more common reasons why people come to a chiropractor. Many of these back pain victims have suffered for years with lessened ability to move around and participate in the activities of daily life. Chiropractic measures address the physical issues that are causing the symptoms. This process assures patients of long term relief, rather than for a few hours only."

He continues. "When a patient schedules a consultation, we begin the process with a full examination which includes patient history and physical exams. We may also obtain digital studies to aid in identifying the true causes of the pain. Once the data is collected and reviewed, it is possible to create a plan for therapy. The plan is explained to the patient and his cooperation is secured."

A care plan that is effective in alleviating back pain will include a number of different elements. It may begin with a spinal adjustment. Soft tissue pain and irritation is addressed through massage, physical therapy and heat/cold therapy. Some conditions respond well to electrical stimulation or ultrasound therapy. Patients are encouraged to take an active role in improvement. Better nutrition, posture training and exercise suggestions are often included in a care plan.

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