The Revolutionary and New Fabric that has taken the World by Storm, Bamboo Fiber Fabric

As fabrics goes, we never thought grass could be worn, but the reality is this is what we needed centuries ago, so, technology has caught up with nature. Bamboo has been used, for centuries, to manufacture various things from corsets, sails, furniture, and tools. Today, the new fabric is bamboo fiber fabric. This has taken the world by storm. The most noted uniqueness of the fabric is the texture, is soft, compared to silk. It is passable to other fabrics like silk yet it is not. It holds color longer than any other fabrics, which makes the garments made from this fabric durable. 

The antibacterial properties of bamboo fiber fabrics are considered one of its best features. This comes about because of the natural anti-microbial agent called bamboo- kun. This lends to the non use of harmful chemicals and pesticide to produce the plant, this is achieved naturally because of the agent present in the plant that repels any attack to the plant. This agent is also continuously present in the fabric even during the process of extraction of the fibers. Washing does not eliminate its effects; therefore this makes it excellent for all the many uses within the manufacturing sector for garments. Linen, Towels and other household products are excellent when made from bamboo fabrics as science has shown that bacteria and other allergens are readily destroyed by the natural agent bamboo- kun. 

The breathability of the bamboo fabric is another of its features which makes it so unique; the fibers are round in shape, which when made into fabrics, leaves spaces between which is able to allow air to pass through for that cool and dry feel. This feature also makes the fabric odor free as it dries quickly during workouts or during the hot summer months. Not only does it keep you cool, but during colder months the reverse in possible; you will be warm, wearing these incredible garments.

The fabric is biodegradable, which means it will naturally breakdown after disposal. It will not become on of those hazards we are working tirelessly to destroy that are polluting our atmosphere. This is another of its features, bamboo is able to eliminate as much as 30% of our atmospheres carbon dioxide and replaces it with 35% oxygen we so desperately need. Our Ozone will be repaired a lot quicker, once internationally we decide to stop manufacturing products that are harmful to our environment, and continue vigorously on the path of organic production.

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