Q: When is the Event?

A: Saturday February 1, 2014

Q: What has been your biggest challenge with opening this new location?

A: The biggest challenge I’ve had opening this new location has been making sure that everything was up to city code.

Q: Do you think the cities codes make it harder for small business to thrive in the city.

A: I think that the codes are put in place for the safety and the good of the community as a whole. I only believe that the city needs to do a better job of providing business owners more expedited processes for getting code enforcement out to your business for checking and approving your cite.

Q: When did you open your first location?

A: The first location I opened was in 1979.

Q: Where was the first location?

A: 1284 Radium Springs Road, Albany GA, 31705

Q: Where are the other Pop’s Detail Shops located?

A: We have two other locations at 1302 Gillionville Road, Albany GA, 31702 and 827 Hwy. 82 Leesburg, GA, 31721. Furthermore, we have our new location at 706 South Slappey Boulevard, Albany, GA 31701.

Q: Are you planning on expanding your services at the new location?

A: Yes. The new location will offer lube and tire services

Q: What economic impact will your new location provide?

A: We will bring jobs and revue to the community. We will hire locally and buy our supplies for local distributers.

Q: How many jobs will you create?

A: We plan on hiring two full-time employees and about five part-time people.

Q: Are you still hiring and where can applications apply?

A: Yes we are hiring and applications can be picked up at out Gillionville location.


Q: Some of your former employees have said that you have withheld their pay in the past is this true.

A: As a business owner in the city of Albany I have been a member of the Better Business Bureau for

twenty years. I say this because as a member of the BBB I pride myself on being in compliance with all

regulations and practices for businesses in the city, state, and nationally. Pop’s has always paid

employees their wages in I timely manner.

Q: Do you price customers differently based on their race or the car they drive?

A: Absolutely not, our prices are clearly posted in each location for customers to see. However we have

request and vehicles from customers that lie outside of our listed services. So in those instances pricing

may vary based on how much is involved in getting the job done.

Q: You have been set to open this new location for about a year, why has it taken so long to get this site

open and will it open on time now.

A: Getting this location open has definitely been a journey for us, but we have to follow the protocol

that is set up for businesses to go by.

Q: Pop’s has been said to be a business that does not pay their debts to creditors, is this true.

A: We keep very good records of our finances and pay our debts in a timely manner. We are a company

that has gone thru the ups and downs of today’s struggling economy. At Pops we have done our best to

stay in good standing with our creditors.

Q: Are money issue the reason why you are having problems opening thins new location.

A: Money dose make things easier it has not been the main issue we getting this location. We have had

several issues with contractors that have set us back, as well as a slow in business that came in


Q. Your other locations are in bad need of repair why open up something new before renovating those.

A: We are in the process of changing our business model, which will cause us to have to do major

renovations to the current locations, The thought behind opening a new location is because it is ready

made for our new concept shop.

Q: How soon do you plan to start renovation on the other locations?

A: The renovations will take place in 2013 after we have built capital for the construction.

Q: You have been in business for three decades, why haven’t you done a customer appreciation before


A: This is a very special moment our business and we want to share it with our community.

Q: Do you have a problem with hiring female workers you entire staff are male.

A: There is no problem on our behalf with hiring a female.

Q: What do attribute to your success to?

A: Our customer base and community are great. They have supported and have kept our doors open all these years.