24Seven Channel turning into Game Changer in Omni-Channel Retailing

24Seven Channel is a cloud based eCommerce platform for brick-and-mortar stores that facilitates scheduler based integration of various point-of-sale systems with industry major shopping carts and marketplaces. It enables its users to handle multiple channels with a single software interface.

Inventory Management is a key to run a successful online retail business and 24Seven Channel makes it easy. The merchants stay organized with multiple store locations and several warehouses.  It helps in saving time and money by automating synchronization of all the products from a point-of-sale system to all the marketplaces and shopping carts.

It allows you to upload optimized products feed with different pricing and stock quantities. It also helps in optimizing product titles and descriptions making them SEO friendly before pushing to online sales channels.  Additional images for each product, matching POS categories with eCommerce and setting different custom rules for each online channel are some of the features that 24Seven Channel brings in to overcome POS limitations.

24Seven Channel is a platform that provides detailed analytic competencies on how, when and where the sales are coming from. It allows identifying which online channels are performing well and where the response is below expectation. With its sorting and filtering feature, one can take a view of his upcoming web sales and take informed decisions about which online channel to remain focused upon. 

With prices starting at $100/month per channel, 24seven Channel brings in a host of services. This include multichannel orders management, product feed optimization, Inventory synchronization, custom rules setup for each sales channel, feed validation logs and automated two-way synchronization between various point-of-sale systems and multiple shopping carts and marketplaces.

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