(TRAVPR.COM) MALDIVES - May 19th, 2014 - Since the discovery of rebreathers in the early twentieth century, mankind’s fascination with what lurks beneath our waters has increased day by day. In the constant search for the quintessential dive trip, we have discovered the perfect location for those who prefer to come back to dry land after a long days dive. This exquisite combination of exhilarating dive adventures coupled with a unique stay in the beautiful home of Oceanic Village, Thinadhoo has brought upon a fantastic opportunity for divers all around the world

The Vaavu atoll situated just south of Male is one of the few atolls that has a unique marine eco culture is still yet largely kept in its original serenity.  With a hoard of dive sites all along its region, this beautiful atoll is not only famous for being the best atoll for fishing but stands out due to its unique dive sites.

Guests are treated to a lovely sight of waking up to a brilliant sunrise that greets you from the horizon while you get ready for the days adventures that lie ahead of you. Start off your journey to wonderment beneath the sea to sites such as the Cherry Caves. Near Fotheyo, these drop of walls are filled with caves and fluorescent soft coral gorgonias, creating an ambiance unlike any other. Divers have the opportunity to further explore the Golden Wall dive site which is another drop off wall that is over 35 meters. Fully decorated with soft corals, this stunning sight is a must for all those that have a soft spot for what lies beneath the sea.