Get 30 Days Free Touch-Up Period on Exterior Painting with Rainy Day Services

Rainy Day Roofing and Exteriors offers a 30 days Free Touch-Up period for every exterior painting project it undertakes in Texas. The company addresses all sorts of issues that homeowners face before the onset of or during and after rains turning out to be one-stop-shop for all home renovation needs.

Rainy Day Roofing and Exteriors, a complete rainy day solution provider for homes engaged in proffering roof repair, painting, fence installation, flooring, remodeling, siding, flood and fire damage services in Texas gives its client 30 days of free touch-up period on their exterior painting projects. The painting services offered by the company also include drywall repair as well as interior and chalkboard painting. The appointment can be set up with their professionals by calling up on the official number during their business hours or by filling up the email form available at the company’s website.

Rainy Day Services addresses each one of their exterior painting project from the scratch starting with the free estimate through the actual work and completion to come back for any patch-up work required within 30 days of painting. Once a client gets in touch with the company for requesting a free estimate, it sends one of its professionals to check out the site to determine the requirements and to provide an estimate of the total cost it would involve. When approved the painting professionals commence on the job by first paying attention to the preparatory phase such as power washing of wooden and other surfaces, repairing and replacing rotten trim, fixing gaps and caulking joints and covering up items with tape so as to prevent them from getting maimed from the paint work. When the painting task is completed they make sure the area is freed of clutters and messes and return in case any touch-up is needed which is free within the first 30 days of project completion.

Talking about its exterior painting and other services, Josh Hopewell, the Owner of Rainy Day Roofing and Exteriors said, “Rainy Day Roofing and Exteriors was established to be your one-stop-shop for all your rainy day needs at home. Whether your roof is leaking or you are facing a water damage issue at home, your gutters have gone awry or you need to overhaul and remodel your bathroom before the rainy season sets in all you need to do is pick up your phone and dial our number. Our exterior painting job is done by our professional painters Manuel and Lalo who get into the intricacies of your home structure to fix problems and then start with their painting work instead of speeding up without paying heed to basic problems. With such dedication at our disposal we can guarantee you immaculate services according to your home needs instead of luring you with fake promises of low prices which often come with low quality work.”

In their bid to keep up to their promise of treating every home as their own, Rainy Day Roofing and Exteriors ensures checking the weather report before commencing on any project and reschedule the day in case there is any probability of rain. The details of the minimum charge and total expected expenses are proffered by the professionals prior to initiating a project.

“Exterior or interior we ensure that we address every issue of the home structure or existing paints with equal importance before beginning on a painting venture,” added the owner. “So if you are looking for a company who will lend a patient ear to your problems, go into the depths of them all to ensure durability of their work and offer you solutions galore for each department Rainy Day Roofing and Exteriors is just the place you would want to entrust your home with.”

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About Rainy Day Services

With over 15 years of experience and possessing assiduous and dedicated professionals to look into problems that strike residences before or during the rainy season Rainy Day Roofing and Exteriors has turned out to be a reputed name offering a variety of services. The company was established in 1999 by Josh Hopewell and from then on has nurtured and served households in various parts of Texas addressing issues pertaining to roofing, damage done by floods, siding, fencing, painting and many others. The company gives warranties on their products and also offers discounts from time to time on their services.