Washington, DC – (July 7, 2014) — In what might be expected from an episode of the hit television show “Shark Tank,” President Barack Obama grilled Fanaticall CEO and Chief Innovation Officer, about the company’s newly released service, Expert Calling Networks, or ECNs, during a July 3rd visit to DC tech start-up hub   

 Powered by Fanaticall, an ECN is a group of self-designated experts -- organized under a Sponsor’s brand -- paid to share their knowledge and expertise with others.  

 The President was interviewing entrepreneurs and highlighting the most recent employment report when the exchange took place. 

 The President role-played and posited a situation in which he was an expert on Bees participating in an ECN. Fanaticall’s CEO, Brian Christie,  explained that as an expert on Bees, Obama could get paid for sharing knowledge over the phone. Fanaticall’s CEO also explained that as the Bee expert, the President could Sponsor an ECN by inviting other Bee experts into an ECN under his own brand. 

 The President commented more than once “It’s interesting!”

 The President then shifted gears and assumed the role of prospective investor and asked, “So where do you make money – what’s the business model?”

 Fanaticall’s CEO explained that consumers would pay experts when accessing their knowledge and that both Fanaticall and the Sponsor of the ECN would receive a fee for facilitating the transaction. 

 “President Obama showed genuine interest and asked relevant questions,” said Christie.  “We were originally planning to announce our new ECN service in conjunction with some exciting partnerships later this summer, but we’re announcing the service now as it’s not everyday that you get to pitch the President.” 

 About Fanaticall, Inc :

Fanaticall offers patent-pending technology and software services to enable an individual or organization to create a white label Expert Calling NetworkSM or ECNSM.  An ECN is a group of self-designated subject matter experts paid to offer opinions or share knowledge. Fanaticall is a portfolio company of TomorrowVentures, the investment arm of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. For more information, please visit  

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