Causes And Herbal Remedies Of Weak Eye Vision

Eyes are the priceless gift of god. We can see this colorful planet and enjoy its beauty only when we have healthy vision. So, we should always take care of eyes.

Usually, eyes become weak with age but several mother factors or conditions play key role for weakening the eyes. But, this awful situation can be avoided by taking the help of I-Lite Capsule which is one of the effective herbal remedies of weak vision problem.

Excessive fatigue, overexposure to sunlight, medications for hypertension, malaria, and tuberculosis can lead to weakening eyes.

Glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment, optic neuritis, diabetic retinopathy, eye infection etc. are some examples of eye-related diseases. Stroke, brain tumor, migraine headaches can also lead to the problems of vision. For fighting back these problems try for herbal remedies of weak eye vision.

The other symptoms of weak eyesight are floaters, blurring visions, frequent headache, seeing halos, light-sensitivity, poor nighttime vision, light flashes or blind spots and so on. 

Herbal remedies for curing weak eyesight: Lots of herbs have potency to enhance eyesight. These herbs are pure and collected from the nature. People can continue the herbal remedies of weak eye vision for long-term without any hesitation so, that the herbs do not provide any harmful side-effects.  

1. Gingko biloba increases the blood flow to the retina and prevent retinal deterioration. Thus it reduces the possibilities for weakening the eyesight.

2. Bilberry is a marvel herb for increasing the power of eyesight. It is very much effective for improving night vision. It contains flavonoid that controls capillary fragility and retinal damage. I-Lite Capsule is also an effective herbal supplement which can be used for optimum result.

3. Goldenseal herb is usually used for treating inflamed or infected eyes.  The eye-washes made of this herb is too such beneficial. It is one of the useful herbal remedies of weak eye vision.

4. Wild rose tea is another helpful herb for good eyesight. It contains Vitamin A, C, P, B 1 and B 2. These vitamins help to maintain the elasticity. So, drink regular 1 cup of wild rose tea. I-Lite Capsule also offers the essential nutrients for the eyes and the experts also recommend this capsule for keeping the eyesight healthy.

5. Passionflower is the herb which relaxes the fine blood vessels of the eyes and offers a soothing effect. It is the perfect one to lessen the strain of the eyes. 

6. Take three teaspoons of aloe juice, half teaspoon clove oil and four ounces water. Mix these three components well. Consume this mixture on empty stomach in every morning.

7. Use potash alum and mingle rose water to make an efficient eye drop or eye wash. Besides it, consume I-Lite Capsule for effective result.

8. Hawthorn is the herb which contains large quantities of Carotenoid and flavonoid which enhances the blood circulation to the eyes and also minimizes the risks of nearsightedness. 

Over to You: Never neglect the problems of eyes. Go to the experts and follow his suggestion. But, remember that healthy diet and healthy life style are equally important for healthy eyesight.

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