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Southeast Asia Traders Announces Partnership with Renowned Financial Service Company

Southeast Asia Traders announced today that it has partnered with a renowned financial company, a financial wellness service, to help employees save more for retirement by addressing the money pressures and behaviors that stand in their way. The name of the company will be made public at a future date due to the non disclosure agreement till the contract is made official and approved by the trading authorities.The partnership provides personalized, unbiased guidance to individuals on managing their debt, spending wisely, and maximizing their company benefits.Southeast Asia Traders expects that the service will help many employees become more engaged in managing their finances. southeastasiatraders

“Southeast Asia Traders’ research and years of experience with millions of investors have shown that most employees simply want someone to tell them what to do. While we will continue to provide educational content and calculators to participants as important sources of guidance, the new partnership is based on a deep understanding of an individual's needs, preferences, and behaviors, which results in more personal guidance,” said Amy Dongpeng, head of Southeast Asia Traders  Participant Experience. “Southeast Asia Traders is committed to helping people achieve financial success and to provide a financial wellness component that complements our educational content and advice services. We believe that the new project has a sound approach that can make it easy for employees to manage their personal finances by nudging them into making appropriate decisions.”It combines behavioral economics and the psychology of decision-making with sophisticated technology to examine individuals’ debt, spending, and savings behaviors, and provide incremental guidance on making appropriate decisions around those areas.


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