Herbal Supplements For Oligomenorrhea Treatment

Oligomenorrhea is the condition where the woman suffers from irregular periods due to reasons such as use of contraceptives or imbalance of hormones. PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is a common condition that affects more than 10 percent of women and it is characterized by infrequent periods. Women, sometimes, do not have their regular monthly bleeding and the next month they may have heavy flow that can be painful. PCOS also involves the formation of cysts in the ovaries. Women also suffer from obesity or excess hair growth due to the problem. Women having abnormally high level of androgen suffer from the disorder. Androgens are male hormones. To regulate flow of hormones proper diet and herbal supplements for oligomenorrhea treatment or abnormal periods can be taken. Gynecure Capsule is an herbal pill that offers natural cure to the condition.

Herbal supplements for hormonal imbalance is preferred because it has no side effects and it can be taken without prescription. Additionally, herbs improve the root cause of the problem instead of just working on the symptoms. Certain herbs do not lose their properties even when they are processed. These herbal capsules do not contain harmful chemicals or preservatives because herbs themselves contain natural components as preservatives. Proper diet and herbal supplements for oligomenorrhea treatment or abnormal periods is considered the best way to regulate monthly cycles in women.

Basically, hormonal imbalance in women is linked to excess weight gain, low body weight, stress, poor diet, and pressure exercises.

Overweight women suffering from Oligomenorrhea requires control on diet to regulate the cycles and reduce inconvenience caused by infrequent flow. Researchers have confirmed that the body mass index is directly related to women's fertility, and a link between obesity and female hormone is being studied.

Also, taking a high amount of trans-fat, animal proteins and carbohydrates can cause ovulation disorders. Proteins from plants based sources are considered better source of proteins and high fat dairy products can be taken instead of animal fat.

Women require:

1. Appropriate quantities of minerals and vitamins in diet. 

2. Iron is very important to prevent anaemia caused by excess loss of blood during the monthly cycles.

3. Whole grains food and cereals can be taken regularly.

4. Eating natural products is considered better than processed or semi-prepared foods.

Instead of invasive drugs, herbal cures can be taken to regulate monthly cycles. It contains plant extracts in the form of phytochemicals that are not destroyed even in extreme conditions. The herb continues to remain beneficial even after processing. A regulated diet and herbal supplements for oligomenorrhea treatment or abnormal periods helps in regulating body processes in a natural manner. The plant-based complex compounds are more effective than laboratory based chemicals. Gynecure Capsule contains some of the most reputed and widely researched herbs that have the power to regulate female hormones and monthly cycles. Diet and herbal supplements for oligomenorrhea treatment or abnormal periods reduce symptoms of PCOS and reduce the secretion of male hormones in the body to regulate monthly cycles, additionally, providing nutrition to the body.

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