Model Carolyn Brennan Breaks Through Contemporary Fashion Image Standards and Strongly States “It is Okay to be Sexy at 50!”

Model Carolyn Brennan, (,has hit the fashion industry at the age of 48 and is not afraid to show it with her most recent work as an icon for contemporary styles and hosiery. With a previous career as a pharmacist in Leicestershire, UK, Carolyn decided to swap prescriptions for glamour in 2014 and pursue her modeling and acting career to fulfill her dreams of a happier and more satisfying life. Brennan, now 50 years old, is on a solid mission to redefine the vision of dating over 45; being single, selectively dating, and owning your naturally alluring body at any age. Her risqué and artistic photo shoots prove that modeling isn’t just a younger woman’s game anymore.


“I’m only in it to get on David Letterman and show the Late Show what I’m made of,” jokes Model Carolyn Brennan. “But, truthfully, as an older model, actress and comedian in the industry, I am beyond thrilled to represent all women within my age group and show them that it’s never too late to realize your potential in life, both physically and mentally. There is strength in perception and the truth is  that it is perceived as inappropriate when really my choice of career path change at this later stage in my life has brought me so much joy. I want women to know that they have out of the box options. ”


Comedic in nature, Brennan is not only a part-time comedian, but has also had a few gigs since the beginning of her career due to her dashing, youthful looks, eccentric personality, and theatrical skills. In the UK, she was featured in Woman’s Own magazine’s article titled “Why can’t women at 50 be sexy?”, and has appeared as a guest on BEN Television’s The Sporah Show. Each segment geared toward encouraging women and inspiring them to beat the frumpy physical stereotype of being middle-aged. She also outwardly speaks about being older without a husband or children of her own, but emphasizes that she’s still got it. She states how she is in no rush to settle down but rather stay on the dating scene even after a few scandalous hook ups. Brennan has also been interviewed on LA-based Global Talk Radio, and has been cast in her first feature film which is being produced by her photographer, Geoff Woods.


“I want to be an inspiration for all women,” model Brennan continues. “I especially want to accentuate the fact that I’m still dating and looking for better looking men in the States.  It’s a terrible misconception that love cannot be found after 40, and I'm going to make it my mission to debunk that myth, play to field and love my life for all its worth!”


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About Carolyn Brennan

Part-time comedian and ex-pharmacist, Carolyn Brennan is a contemporary fashion and hosiery model originally from Leicestershire, United Kingdom. Recently moving to Los Angeles, California to pursue her career further, Brennan is 50-years-old and aiming to inspire women around the globe to take pride in their bodies no matter what age they are. She is a youthful, single socialite who is still on the dating scene. Brennan wants to change up the rules of dating and show women that love can be found at any point in life in due time. She is also an aspiring actress as she will star in her first feature film, produced by her photographer, Geoff Woods. To read more about Carolyn Brennan, visit