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Canada requires boat operators to have boating license; blog explains process


July 3rd 2014 - A Canadian boating license is required for anyone operating a power boat in any of Canada’s waters.

Penalties for operating a boat without the license are much more than the cost of getting the license. In addition, the license is good for a lifetime and never has to be renewed.

“It just makes sense to get the license,” said Jacob Kettner, the writer behind the blog on boating in Canada. “For one thing it makes you legal to operate a boat. The second reason the course can teach you a few things about water and boating safety. Even if you think you know everything, it never hurts to have a refresher every now and then.”

Boat Notes explains the process to get a boating license and the usual fees, $50 for the license. Mr. Kettner explains the three ways to get license by taking the exam in person, online or by correspondence.

“There’s no great difference among the three tests because they are the same. It just depends on which you are more comfortable with. The license you get, when you pass the test, is exactly the same is it’s good across Canada. You pick,” he said.

Studying for the exam is recommended, he said. Study manuals will govern what the test covers.

“Some people may feel they don’t have to study and that’s their choice. But each time you take the test, it’s another fee. If you can pass the first time - passing is 75 percent or more correct - then good. But investing a little time and little money in study guides before the test makes sense to me,” he said.

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