Research Study on Mortgage Customer Analytics

Mortgage Customer Analytics is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. The penetration of mortgages, the choice of provider, and the details of the type of mortgage are all covered to provide essential context to the mortgage market across 22 key countries, broken down by various demographic groups.

- This graphical and interactive interface allows the user to speed up their analysis of consumers' behavior regarding mortgages.
- Gain a deeper insight into the country of your interest with detailed country-level data across age, income and asset bands, and mortgage provider.
- Assess the consumer preferences for mortgages across countries and demographics to identify key strategic areas for expansion.

To view the table of contents and know more details, please visit ​Mortgage Customer Analytics.

Reasons To Buy
- Which repayment methods do consumers opt for?
- What type of interest rate do consumers have on their mortgages?
- For what purposes are consumers taking out their mortgage, i.e. to live in, as an investment, or for their business?

Key Highlights
Interest-only mortgages make up a significant chunk of the mortgage book across many countries. Ensuring customers have payment plans in place that are sufficient to repay the capital will be vital for lenders.

The type of interest rate that customers opt for varies considerably across countries. Standard and discounted variable rate mortgages are a mainstream option in some countries and niche in others.

Mortgage penetration varies considerably across countries, reflecting cultural attitudes towards property ownership and renting.


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