CMREI Creates Local Round Tables

Orlando, FL — The hardest part about getting started in a new business is building the networks that business owners need to be successful. Sometimes they will have contacts because of their previous jobs, but many times they strike out and feel like they have no one to support them. Because of the competitive nature of the real estate market, new investors and business owners feel particularly lost. Cherif Medawar of Go CMREI is helping newcomers to real estate investing find some assistance through the creation of local round tables.

Go CMREI is a web service founded by Medawar to educate potential real estate investors about the opportunities that are available and how to capitalize on them. Students register at and receive an online education through various webinars, online readings and mentoring from some of the best real estate minds in the country. The best part is that the work can be done on the student’s schedule, so they can continue to work and earn money while they are training for a new job.

To further add support to the site, Go CMREI has created brand new commercial real estate round tables for local communities. At these round tables, some of which occur in person while most of them are done online, investors are able to speak to each other and discuss the issues and opportunities they are facing. No longer do real estate investors have to feel like they are on their own; instead they can pool resources and ideas to make their business or portfolio grow.

Since its founding Go CMREI has helped thousands of real estate investors get their feet off the ground and start to enjoy the freedom that comes from owning property and creating lasting wealth. With the incredible support system and unparalleled resources, Go CMREI will continue to be the leader in online real estate education for years to come.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit or call (888) 726-3133 to see what Cherif Medawar can offer and to register for real estate training.