Preview about More Changes Launching to Last Man Standing in 07 Runescape

Last Man Standing has been live. Players can compete against 23 other players to be the last alive. It is announced by the official that Jagex will take on board any feedback on Last Man Standing and make tweaks where necessary, as well as expanding on the mini-game. Here a brief preview is revealed. If you don’t have enough RS 07 gold in your bank, welcome to RSorder.

More additional changes coming to Last Man Standing

Later on in 2016 additional maps will be released to the mini-game! And the official is aimed at using existing areas of the Old School world to give the mini-game a bit more of a nostalgic twist.

Also there will be a player design competition for a new map. If you've got some creative ideas, you can keep an eye out for the details of that competition coming your way in the near future!

Besides, you can also expect to see some high stakes weekends in the coming months. One of the Last Man Standing worlds will be temporarily selected to have a 1 million GP entry fee and a pay out of 15m to the winner!

A new spell is available on the Lunar Spell book: flax to bowstrings.

This spell does exactly what you might expect - turns 5 flax into 5 bowstrings per cast, costing 2 nature rune, 1 astral runes and 5 air runes. And the spell requires level 76 Magic to use.

What’s more? Xeric’s talisman has had a teleport added, ‘Xeric’s Heart’ which requires completion of the Architectural Alliance mini-quest.

And mystery boxes from Random events now have the chance to give easy, medium or hard clues, as well as a Stale Baguette.

Do you anticipate those changes launching to Last Man Standing? By the way, if you are in lack of Runescape 07 gold, you are welcomed to place an order on RSorder.