Out with the old, in with the new... As the beer industry has evolved, so has Tanager Beverages

(Cody, Wyo.) - Tanager Beverages in Cody, Wyo. has had a front seat to the epic tale of beer in the US, from barely housing 50 packages in 1997 to over 300 different items on hand now. What was a very easy to manage 3 supplying breweries has now become 38 different supplying breweries from all over the world.
“It can be a tough job just to find the most cost effective ways to get brands into the Bighorn Basin, says Joe Kondelis, Sales Manager of Tanager Beverages, “We really had to change our business model to manage all the brands and packages.”
There has really been a culture change at Tanager Beverages and while they all love their Bud Light they are obsessed with craft beer and everything that goes with it.
“We have really embraced the craft beer movement. We used to see a few new brands come out a year, now we have 3 a month. You always have your big brands like Bud and Corona but with these new trends you have to ride the ride and be very fluid, adapt to the changes in the market.”
That was a primary driver for the new logo, which Tanager Beverages revealed late in 2015.
“We want to be known as a well-educated and passionate company with a diverse portfolio. The old logo was great but it has had its day, we are not just a Budweiser Distributor anymore, we are so much more than that and this new logo really highlights that.”