Have a look at the design of Airwheel smart power-assisted bicycle E6

Airwheel electric bicycle E6 is its newly released model in recent days. This model is famous for its design. Being a brand new series, Airwheel E6 naturally has its own features. Hereby we will introduce these features so that the buyer has a better idea of Airwheel E6.

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Airwheel pays a lot of attention to the details of Airwheel e bike E6. A handy stand was amounted on Airwheel E6, facilitating the parking. The foldable pedals are good for saving more space. In many rooms of the young, the spare space is limited. The foldable pedals are intended for these young people. For a more comfortable ride, Airwheel introduces the dual suspension. Although the hydraulic suspension was used in Airwheel A3 for the first time, the dual suspension is a brand new suspension system superior to the hydraulic suspension. The dual suspension serves effectively as a buffer against the vibration during the ride. What’s more, Airwheel uses a rubber saddle on Airwheel E6 instead of the previous leather saddle. With the rubber saddle, the rider will have a better ride of the electric self-balancing scooter.

For the bodywork, Airwheel foldable electric bike E6 takes pride in its structure design. Airwheel E6 applies the lightweight aluminium alloy. The material is noted for its light weight. Still, it is sturdy and its hardness is enough to support a load of 100 kg. Such carrying capacity is also from its scientific design of structure. At the same time, the bodywork can pack away which realises a small space for storage.

From the details to the whole structure, Airwheel E6 is expressing its allure and its charm. A lot of customers have been bent on it before long. From Airwheel E6, it is easy to feel the integration between the details and whole. The perfect combination is the final source of Airwheel E6 charm.

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