Upgraded Ford Safety Features

There are many aspects to consider when purchasing a new vehicle today. While fuel-efficiency has become increasingly important for saving money on driving and having a better impact on the environment, safety has always been one of the most important issues for drivers. Knowing that your family is safe when they are on the road is one of the most valuable benefits that a vehicle can provide. Ford Motor Company realizes the importance of safety, and they have something new to add to the new cars at the Ford and Lincoln dealership.

The Ford Mustang has been a favorite of drivers for almost 40 years . During nine generations, the vehicle has gone through many changes, giving all types of Mustang enthusiasts their favorite and least favorite styles along the way. The model continues to be a favorite today, with its sporty good looks and powerful driving capabilities.

When Ford began their plans for the 2015 Mustang, the engineers set out to create an entirely different design for the airbag in the front passenger seating area. That’s what they accomplished with the new airbag being built into the glovebox door. This positioning reduces the size and weight of the airbag system, providing passengers with more room and greater comfort during their ride.

This impressive new design already has fifteen patents to its name, with others pending. An inflatable plastic bladder is integrated into the glove box door cover to offer passenger knee protection in a lighter, more efficient design than traditional passenger side airbags. During an impact detected by the vehicle’s crash sensor system, the bladder is filled so that the entire outer globe box door panel extends towards the passenger’s legs.

In addition to the added comfort it provides, the feature also has a comprehensive safety system, with sensors that are more strategically placed, safety belt anchor pretensioners, improvements to exterior lighting, and twice the number of airbags, overall, as those in previous vehicles.

Better Safety and Greater Comfort

Ford is proud to offer their customers a higher level of safety and more comfortable designs that will improve the driving experience of the driver and their passengers. The innovative design reduces the weight of the system and provides passengers with greater protection. At a time when so many other car makers are experiencing problems related to their airbags, Ford is stepping up their game to introduce a better way to protect passengers and to give drivers the peace of mind they want for their loved ones when they are behind the wheel.

Company Bio

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