keyboard_arrow_up Offers New Invisible Ink for Crafty Poker Players Who Don’t Want to Lose

China -, a reputable manufacturer and supplier of marked poker cards, recently brought out another novelty product for poker enthusiasts. The company now sells an invisible ink that can mark the cards in a way and the mark cannot be detected by naked eyes. The company said that the invisible ink pen contact lenses come as a combo of an ink pen and a contact lens. They said anybody wearing these contact lenses can easily see the marks, but the opponent cannot see it.

The manufactures added that the recently launched red cards are exclusively for the users using contact lenses, while the red & blue cards are more suitable for the IR camera. However, the manufacturers informed that for marking the blue cards for being suitable with invisible ink pen contact lenses can only be done in their factory and poker players should not try marking the cards themselves.

“It’s quite difficult for laypeople to mark their blue cards with the black ink, and we always encourage them to buy pre-marked blue cards. Otherwise, the ink takes only five seconds to dry and can remain there for three hours or more. The invisible ink is often dubbed as magic ink, as it can help the poker players a lot in marking their cards and these marks cannot be detected by naked eyes”, confirmed a sales manager of Guangzhou Marked Playing Cards Trading Co, the company that runs the ecommerce portal

“Online ordering is easy, as one just need to give us a call or contact us through the Skype. The rest should be quite easy. One of the sales executives would call the potential buyer and help him in ordering the products”, added the sales manager. He also added that the invisible ink is suitable for both plastic poker cards and paper cards.

The CEO and managing director of the company recently met the press at his office in Guangzhou and told that his company is trying to increase export of the newly launched products.

“We want to forge active partnerships with overseas retailers and dealers in the near future”, he told the press.

About the Company is a Chinese manufacturer of poker cheating devices.

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