Out with the old, in with the new...Shane says: "Let's trade!"

(Lander, Wyo.) – Have you been thinking about parting ways with that old love seat? Does your favorite chair feel a little less “favorite” than it used to? We’re betting no one will buy your old college dorm room couch. That’s why Shane is offering 10r’s $$$ to trade in the old for something brand new. Your old chair is worth $100 and your love seat or couch is worth $200 toward your purchase. This deal runs from Saturday, Aug. 22 – Saturday, Aug. 29, so you have exactly 1 week to do your trading!
These trade-ins are guaranteed. It can stink, be covered with cat hair, cut in half, pulled out of the dumpster or used for target practice. No matter what condition your furniture is in – Shane will trade you right into 1 of over 100 new recliners and over 70 different sofas and love seats. One catch though…the trade is 1 for 1 – Gambles won’t take multiple old pieces toward the purchase of a single new piece.
Shopping local feels good and so does buying products Made in the USA. That’s why Shane makes sure that all his upholstered furniture is 100% American made.
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