Essential 5 Standards To Follow While Coding In VB .Net

    Top 5 Standards To Follow While Coding In VB .Net

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The most thing any programmer fears about is the coding standards needed to be followed while coding using that particular language. In this case it is Visual Basic. They feel most of the times that it is like something carved on a stone. And that too on a black one. But there is no need to panic and fear the guidelines.

Standards are only meant to make the job of a programmer easy and streamlined. These would assist the developers at every step in their career. Whether they are freshers or experienced doesn’t really matter. We are writing this blog to emphasize on these rules or guidelines that would help the developers of visual basic big time. CRB Tech reviews feels that these are just like the ten commandments.

Basically, application design involves three parts:

Design of Program
UI Design


A lot of issues are faced while creating an excellent programming design. Taking into consideration, just the view of the programmers is not at all sufficient. While designing, the end user point of view also needs to be taken into consideration. After all, it is the end user whom you would be targeting. To understand this better, let’s break it down into two parts namely, program design and UI design. Program design focuses on the back end or the internal working of the application. While the UI part focuses on the front end or the user interactive part.

Program Design:

First try to filter out the problem or the issue and then dissect it into the final draft before the integration stage.

Understanding Problem:

For the creation of an application using a language like Visual Basic or VB .NET as it may be called, first and the foremost thing that you need to understand is the nature of the program. If you are already possessing the knowledge about any kind of coding language, then you would come to know about the difficulties faced while understanding the problem. Problem is nothing but the requirements of your client or end user. Combined with this, the shortcomings in your plan in comparison to client’s requirements. Best solution is to build a prototype design model of your final goal and demonstrate to the user. If the user gives a green signal, then you can proceed to the next level. Else, redo it again.

Breaking It Down:

Chopping down the problem into smaller entities helps you to go in the right direction and also is the right path to go to the final stage. It also allows you to experiment with every bit of the entity broken down.

Integration of Solution:

Once you have fully analyzed the problem by breaking it into pieces or components; it becomes easier to integrate them into a solution. Interface between the components is also defined. If proper control is maintained on all the modules, then it becomes easy to change the code without disturbing the application.

UI Design:

This part would guide you in developing the UI in accordance to the guidelines. Each language has its own platform for showing their UI layout for the design. If any developer has the information about the platform, then he can very well conquer the design stage. Here are some coding standards in VB, which are related to designing:

Coding Efficiency
Various Modules
Methodological approaches

Layout or Style:

In Visual Basic, the style and the layout portion define the view of the script. Making perfect use of brackets, spaces and commas is important. The style should be defined properly so that it looks like a coding one and not like that of a office document.

Coding Efficiency:

As far as coding in VB is concerned, these are things to be remembered:

Use possible integers.
Use variables properly.
Avoid using variants now and again.
As far as possible, use a one line statement and avoid multiple assignments.
Do not execute the code after each line. It may discourage you after seeing the errors.

Procedure and Methodological Approaches:

VB4 and VB6 have a huge library of coding standards. Best way to learn new things is by making changes in default codes and exploring. VB is a user friendly and easy to code language. Developers with a good command over this language can make it big in 60-90 days. Those who really want to do career in .net field join our online course training program.

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