Startup Feathr’s New Cloud Marks Radical Chapter of Event Marketing Technology

While the tech world is still buzzing about the Microsoft-LinkedIn deal and startups are quietly shutting down, another tech startup is using this opportunity to spotlight their recent expansion.


Feathr’s event marketing cloud has drastically improved operations for event professionals, and with their recent announcement of $2M in capital venture funding and a relocation to a custom-designed office space, the company continues to soar to high heights in the tech scene with their progressive technology.


Established in 2012 by co-founders and current CEOs Aidan Augustin and Aleksander Levental, Feathr is the only set of digital marketing tools created specifically for event marketers. The cutting-edge technology connects event promoters with their attendees and exhibitors by combining social network data, contact information, and business website data together into an accessible, foolproof format.


Feathr uses advanced algorithms to help planners analyze their digital audience and expand their client base through behavioral marketing, allowing coordinators to track campaigns and manage business activity through the enterprise analytic service.


While other logistic and analytical platforms such as Google Analytics, Hubspot, Marketo, and Adobe Marketing Cloud are “all built as general purpose tools which have to work for E-commerce platforms, blogs, and brands,” Feathr’s unique toolset is patterned specifically around events, claims Levental.


“Everything from our analytics, reporting and campaign optimization algorithms to our customer service department, which is staffed with only people that are trained in digital marketing and advertising technology, is within the context of event business,” Levental specified.


The end result is that the analytic data automatically displayed is immediately useful to event marketers, rather than requiring further organization and interpretation of the results. “The campaigns perform better, and users are able to access more complex marketing and advertisement tech tools that might otherwise be outside the scope of their organization.”


The groundbreaking tech company’s software currently controls over 200 events in the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Australia, among other countries.


Feathr began as a startup located in the University of Florida’s Florida Innovation Hub, an incubator and accelerator program for local inexperienced businesses in Gainesville, FL.


After briefly moving to Austin, Texas in 2014 upon winning a pitching competition with SXSW, Feathr moved back to the Innovation Hub in Gainesville in 2015, believing the thriving college town presented the best opportunities for their flourishing business.

Augustin and Levental created the business as a mobile business card sharing app, but throughout their growth in the Innovation Hub and Austin, Feathr subsequently evolved into a business selling custom-branded apps to events such as TedxUF.


After the duo spent two years creating custom event apps, they realized event marketing lacked a specific analytical toolset just for event professionals, and have worked diligently to execute an even more advanced system in the same industry.


The company recently announced it received $2M in capital venture funding, the business’s second formal funding venture. After leaping from 2 to 14 employees in the past 6 months, Feathr knew their small office in the Innovation Hub would not be able to accommodate their growing business and subsequently relocated to a made-to-order office space in Gainesville’s Innovation Square.


Feathr’s new office is less than an 8 minute walk from both the UF campus and downtown Gainesville, and it borders two other growing startup companies, Starter Space and Fracture.


The choice of this location was pivotal for the CEOs since, “a lot of the tech scene in Gainesville is Downtown and in Innovation Square,” declared Augustin.


Feathr’s new personalized office space, designed by Innovation Square developer Trimark Properties, marks a new era for the tech company, who will now have the opportunity to further advance its capabilities in a space that reflects the professionalism and innovation of the company.


Feathr is past the most common startup problem of developing a helpful product that people are willing to pay for, and are now focusing on branding, developing a deeper understanding of the economics of their business, and building a stable team. “The relocation is a meaningful step in that process because having control of our own space allows us to do many of those things more efficiently and effectively,” says Levental.


Event marketers are reveling in Feathr’s simplification of event promotion and organization. With every event Feathr powers, their algorithms become more accurate, meaning continued technological improvement and further benefits for event marketer participants.

The future of Feathr is promising, and their story is a testament to the fact that with the right resources, location and support, fledgling startups can become a prosperous, successful enterprise.