Fanbox Unveils A Unique Social Networking Platform For The Modern Age User


San Diego, California (June 11, 2014) – With mobile technology at the fingertips of people all around the world, the popularity of online communities are growing at a rapid pace. People are always looking to try their hands out on all of the reputed social communities to find one that gives them the most value. In such a social scenario, has unveiled a unique web based platform which aims to provide its users with the best features of all of the most famous social communities. is made of a team of exceedingly talented professionals, who have the perfect understanding of their field. Users from every social network can find value in being a member of FanBox. FanBox has all of the same communication tools like Facebook users are accustomed to. FanBox also has a member backed e-commerce marketplace that is beneficial for both buyers and sellers from Etsyand eBay. For bloggers that enjoy Tumblr, FanBox also has a unique blogging platform that incorporates text, video and photos.

While being able to provide its users with such a diverse platform is great, the real differentiating factor that FanBox provides its users is its revenue sharing and democratically run business model. FanBox shares all of the revenues it generates with the users based on the contributions that they make to the community. Additionally, FanBox members have the ability to have an equal say as employees and shareholders on who the company President is. “The reason for our model,” an executive associated with the social networking platform said, “is that we believe that giving the power to our customers will allow us to provide the best service possible. Those that may have been confused about what FanBox is, are quickly able to learn that we care deeply about our customers and their FanBox reviews show that they see that.”

The FanBox social economy offers good earning potential to active members, but it considers itself more of a business opportunity than a get rich scheme or scam that have plagued other businesses in the past. The company has carefully adopted the best in class security measures to their social networking platform, and is dedicated to empower the global community. This is primarily an unmatched opportunity, availed to anyone that wants to join for free.

This platform has already created a successful base of happy users. One of the regular member of this community comments, “I love the community in general there are a lot of great people here. Johnny Cash is very helpful and fun loving. I am going to spend my money. I would love to say on myself but mostly on my kids and I will be sending some out to Joyce Meyers Ministries for now. I am truly blessed to have found Fanbox! I totally Love it!! I have in fact spoken about this place to many of my friends, who were looking for similar platforms.”

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