Pop singer-songwriter Marlena Anna announces single from upcoming album, "Habitual"

California-native readies the August 12th release of her song about transparency
Los Angeles, CA - August 2, 2016 --California pop singer-songwriter Marlena Anna has announced the release date of her new single, "Fuckin Real." The first record from her diverse full-length album titled, "Habitual," the new single is a song about transparency and the realness of being in love.

Produced by longtime friend and musical collaborator Dayyon Alexander, Anna crafted the lyrics for the song. "Fuckin Real" will be available for download on iTunes Friday, August 12th.

"It became a very selfish project," says the Californian singer. "I decided to name it 'Habitual' because it was all written during a time when I was trying to get over someone that had become a habit in my life," she shared. The 7-track project features three songs from her 'Thief' EP and is set to come out in the Fall. A follow-up single to "Fuckin Real" is likely to be scheduled for September.

A multi-talented musician who also plays piano and guitar, Marlena developed an interest in performing and making music through her many years of Voice and Piano Lessons; It was those experiences that helped cultivate her love for singing and songwriting even more. In high school, she began to take songwriting seriously. Marlena dedicated her time to studying music and creating all original music of her own.

For two years, Marlena Anna indulged herself in music, preparing herself for her emergence in the industry. Now, with the release of "Fuckin Real", the talented songstress is ready to show and prove that she has exactly what it takes.

About Marlena Anna

The emergence of a hot new artist always grabs the attention of those thirsting for the latest sounds in music. Fortunately, there are talented recording artist like Marlena Anna whose unapologetic pop-fueled demeanor captures the authentic talent of a singer and songwriter headed for pop stardom and all its glory. Her captivating vocals, songwriting ability and witty style are just a few of the attributes that make her truly unique. Marlena Anna is set to debut her new album, "Habitual" this fall

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