Handmade and Eco Friendly Custom Jewelry

Here is a new concept in jewelry that has created a sensation with women, especially girls, where you will find the range of collection made by hand with organic materials sourced from fruit seeds generally found in the rain forests of Amazon. We have in our collection a range of custom jewelry which are unique and are already making deep inroads into fashion designing of jewelry for women because of the sustainable and eco friendly features which are innovative and represent one of the most exotic handwork. They are designed with multiple fruit seeds some of which we are familiar with while some which we have never heard of. What is more unique is the fragrance of the fruit which you will find in the range of jewelry which are delicious like orange peels, coffee beans and Cantaloupe Seeds.

We have used an amalgamation of rare types of fruit vegetables in the designing of this type of jewelry which are blessed with the love of Mother Nature and represent the message from your heart to others across cultural and geographical borders. This Columbian collection of jewelry is designed with 7 fruits and seeds which are rare and include orange peel, Cantaloupe Seeds, Acai Berries, Tagua Nut, Dalmatian Beans, Bombona Seeds and Coffee Beans. Included among the items of jewelry which are handmade, you will find necklaces and bracelets which are examples of unique handcraft and are complimented by others as an innovation inn the field of fashion jewelry. For more information you can visit our site columbiangirljewelry.

The artistic designs, original colors of the fruit seeds and above all the inherent fragrance all combine to make this collection of Columbian jewelry a craze for women and girls alike. There is no dearth of creativity and beauty in these items which are masterpieces of talented handwork by our team of designers. They are light in weight and easy to wear and are also highly affordable, which is making them so very popular especially being of the latest trend. No one ever thought of this innovative idea of using a combination of known and unknown fruit seeds into designing of custom jewelry and when it has come to reality, thanks to the female designers who are talented in creative, this latest fashion has created a storm, with modern girls and women falling in love with them.

With unique contour and vibrant colors made to best use in designing the range of jewelry. This collection of Columbian jewelry for girls has created a sensation in the market and more so for being sustainable and eco friendly. These are the jewelry that are designed to make a woman or a girl feel unique among others and which draws everybody’s attention while being complemented as exquisite pieces of unusual fashion wear. How would you like a piece of necklace or a bracelet, made with Dalmatian Beans to have spots that resemble exactly of a Dalmatian? There are other pieces made from coffee beans which will have the fragrance of coffee. These are some of the uniqueness that is exhibited by the range of Columbian Jewelry which we have. For placing orders, please log onto columbiangirljewelry.

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