Melbourne Marketing Agency note to SMEs – Selling Tips

Selling is a specialist skill which takes training and experience and one that I am still mastering, says Jo Macdermott, from Next Marketing Agency in Melbourne.

Jo shared her advice for Business Owners who want to sell a pitch to a client and highlights the difference between thinking like an entrepreneur and thinking like a salesperson when you are trying to close a deal.

Here are some of the mistakes that entrepreneurs often make when trying to pitch or close a deal:

  1. Talking too much about themselves or their products without focusing on the client’s needs.
  2. Getting so carried away with strategy and how they are going to solve the clients’ problems that they forget the practical elements of cost, time frames and measurable outcomes.
  3. Not ensuring they are pitching to the right person. To close the deal you need to be selling someone who is authorised to make the decisions rather than staff of an organisation who might be keen but aren’t able to actually sign off on anything.
  4. Not clarifying the client’s financial expectations and budget before pitching their solution

Approaching a Potential Sale

  • What is the client’s budget? What solution can you provide that is within their budget and gives them the best value for money?
  • How are they going to measure success? Knowing their measure of success can help you decide a strategy that will give them the best results according to how they plan to measure them, not how you measure them.
  • Has the client already spent their budget for the year? What is their timeframe if they decide to sign a contract with you?
  • Is there any other money available which is earmarked for other activities but which you could access?

“Thinking like a sales person will give you a better chance of building strong relationships and offering your clients a high value solution while at the same time successfully closing the deal.” Said Jo Macdermott, Marketing Consultant Next Marketing

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