More than Three Decades of Excellent In-Home Music Instructions by Paul Whitson

Columbia, Maryland – If you are searching for a great music teacher in Maryland, then your search is over. Mr. Paul Whitson is here to provide you with all the necessary guidance and instructions you need to help you achieve your goal in the music industry, or even simply your personal musical aspirations. He is an all around music teacher who has been providing excellent lessons and in-home instructions for over three decades. Additionally, for piano players in need of an experienced piano tuner in Columbia, MD, he is also the person to call.


Learning to play a musical instrument is not an easy undertaking. Many have attempted and succeeded, while several others failed. While some are naturally born to play musical instruments, they somehow still learned from a ‘teacher’ of sorts. A music teacher is someone educated and trained to provide instruction in music theory and performance. These professionals can teach in groups or one-on-one. Some would specialize in a certain instrument/s while others can provide instructions to student for a range of instruments. Also, some have other specialties such as piano tuning in Columbia, MD.


In today’s scene, a lot of musicians and music teachers, themselves, provide online lessons to help beginners in the instruments they want to play – voice, guitar, piano, violin, drums, saxophone, and the like. This is highly convenient for those who cannot allot full time to school or private lessons. These online lessons or tutorials are also very convenient and are usually free of charge – some good-hearted individuals provide lessons simply because they want to help others in every way they can. While these online resources are very helpful in many ways, it cannot be denied that these will not be able to provide the personal guidance of a music teacher. And one of the many benefits of having an actual teacher is the opportunity for direct feedback. Be it an answer to a question or a correction of a mistake, one can’t simply have any of these with ready-made online lessons.


Another huge advantage for having a music teacher such as Mr. Whitson is the opportunity to custom fit lessons to your needs. He will do a thorough assessment of your current skills, help you define your goals, and design a program that will help you meet all your objectives that will lead to the achievement of your goal. He will be there every step of the way, providing all the essential ingredients to hone your skills and help you be the musician you want to be.


Mr. Paul Whitson has been in the industry for over 30 years. He offers professional music lessons for instruments such as voice, piano, violin, guitar, bass guitar, and percussions. He received his master’s degree in Music Education from Towson University. He specializes in in-home instruction and provides variety of vocal and instrumental lessons.


Moreover, if you are in need of an experienced piano tuner in Columbia, MD or surrounding areas like Westminster, he has been tuning pianos since 1983. Acoustic pianos are a very delicate instrument. Through time, regardless of it being used or not, it will undergo some micro changes that will eventually affect its tune. Thus, it needs regular tuning to keep it always in top shape. Piano tuning, however, is not an easy task, one that is best left to a professional.


A regular acoustic piano has 88 keys, and each key comprises of one to three strings. And each string needs to have the correct tension to be able to produce sounds that are in tune. Overtime, the tension in the strings changes because of factors like humidity and temperature changes, and frequency of playing. If regular tuning is not done, sooner or later, you will no longer be able to produce beautiful melodies from your piano but sounds that will make the ears bleed. So, for those who require the services of a piano tuner, Mr. Whitson is just a call away. Additionally, he also offers minor piano repair.


If you are in pursuit of a musical dream, it would be wise to have a reliable and trusted ally by your side to guide you through the right path. Mr. Paul Whitson has been providing excellent music instructions to many students for the past three decades. He has also provided expert piano tuning in Westminster, MD and surrounding areas. If you have more questions about his services, you can always give him a call at 410-916-3645.