Attracted to a Much Older Woman

Dear Dr. Love,

I have an issue of being very sexually and emotionally attracted to the woman 20 + years beyond my age..   This one woman is quite cute, smart and to be honest has an incredible body with just about the largest bust I have ever laid eyes on.  She is so sexy and I really like her.  However, I also love my wife.  What should I do?  I fantasize about this woman all the time and develop an erection just thinking about her.

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You need some serious relationship advice! So here it comes.

Ever heard the saying: “keep it in your pants?”

The reason I'm quoting this saying to you is because it doesn't matter that you’re sexually and emotionally attracted to this other woman. A man’s body is wired to be attracted to all kinds of women. So what?

The bottom line here is you love your wife and you made a vow to her.

The fantasies you are engaging in are a form of emotional infidelity. Even though you haven’t slept with this other woman, you are emotionally cheating on your wife. If you want to keep the marriage, it’s time to stop indulging yourself in fantasies about this other woman. It’s just self-indulgence and very destructive for you, your wife and your marriage.

My advice is for you to apply your creativity to constructing a more fun and fantasy filled relationship and sex life with your wife.

Dr. Jamie Turndorf (aka Dr. Love)