Circle of Friends

I love the saying “it takes a village to raise a child.”

Like wise it takes a strong community to create change. The Retro Hippie has established a close-knit circle of friends on our Facebook page and together we create, inspire, and share all ideas pertaining to up-cycling materials that can be reintroduced in a fashion forward way.

We share individual ideas on re-purposing using clothing, material, and textiles in the hopes that these garments will be kept out of landfills. Some of these articles of clothing can take more than 100 years to fully decompose and in the process they create carbon dioxide that pollutes our planet.

The key is awareness, standing together, and spreading the word.

The Retro Hippie community of friends believes in the idea of using re-purposed clothing in many creative ways to keep these materials out of the trash. Join us and share your ideas.