Turn Heads With The KIA Optima


KIA has been a pretty renowned car brand and while there are many people who're not exactly satisfied with the KIA cars, there are still tons of people who love their vehicles. The KIA Optima2014 is a drop dead stunner that can make heads turn with its gorgeous sleek looks. A mid-sized car, the Optima is definitely something that combines affordability with good value for money because of the wide array of high-end features that it houses. The interior and exterior of the Optima showcase a vehicle that seems definitely above its humble price tag.

While many car owners had to choose practicality over style or vice versa, the KIA Optima showcases that there's no need to do that anymore. Now you can bake your cake and eat it too. Taking a look under the hood, many car owners will be pleasantly surprised with the results. The Optima is available in four trims, namely, LX, SX, EX and SX Limited while the Optima Hybrid is available in a single trim only. The EX and LX models house four cylinder engines (2.4 liter) that produces an impressive 200 horsepower whereas the SX and SX limited models house four cylinder engines, turbo charged (2.0 liter) that can pump out 274 horse power.
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