New App, Nusiki - 'Share Your Favorite Music with Your Favorite People'


Imagine if Instagram and Spotify had a kid. As music's social network, Nusiki combines online music sources with social interaction to build a community around one of the world's largest online music libraries. One search – Find any song. One click – Share with anyone. One place – All of your music & all of your friends. 

Launched this past March at SXSW, the music and social networking app Nusiki has been dubbed the ‘Instagram of Music.’ Based in Chicago, the company was co-founded by Ben Hewitt and Tim Welch. As the go-tos for new music in their networks, they were often sharing music with friends via email, text, Facebook post, etc. When they realized it should be easier to share the new music and artists they were excited about with the people in their lives, Nusiki was born. After receiving funding in October 2014 and growing the team, the beta-version was released, and features a large catalogue of music and artists. With a variety of music streaming platforms available, Nusiki’s concept is interactive and largely centered around sharing your favorite tunes within your online social circle. The app is currently available for both iPhone and Android. 

User Benefits

Music Libraries: Beyond measuring clicks, libraries don’t know how users are engaging with content, leading to un-optimized advertising opportunities on their platforms.

Artists: Artists are looking for new ways to reach fans directly and to better market their product based on the wants, locations and habits of their audience. The best way to reach them is to increase interaction through social platforms, but no music-specific outlet has yet emerged.

Labels: New music discovery and support for emerging talent are major focuses for labels, but they are inefficiently spending money and looking for trends and data to provide them with insight into how to capitalize on new and current artists.


The app is currently available for both iPhone and Android. Get it in the App Store or on Google play.

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