Mirabai Ceiba’s new album, Sevati, which means both silence and white rose in Sanskrit, is an album that  explores the celebration of life in the experience of death. These explorations are beautifully presented in Gurmukhi mantras, Spanish and English songs, and ancient Native chants. As accomplished musicians that integrate music into every aspect of their life, this album is a reflection of their own inner process of discovery. Over the course of the last year, Markus and Gely of Mirabai Ceiba found themselves immersed in the exploration of life through many encounters with loss. This journey reinforced deeply within them that we must celebrate every moment we are given. Markus explains that “realizing the fragility of life infuses us with a recognition of the importance of living with exuberance as we reach for a true understanding of the deathlessness of our spirit.” Sevati carries the vibration of Mirabai Ceiba’s profound exploration.

Accompanying their beautifully interwoven vocals, Angelika plays her harp and Markus, his guitar. But on this album, the duo also explores new textures of sound. While traveling to South America they discovered an instrument called a ronroco, which is a baritone charango - a small stringed instrument that Markus fell in love with and learned to play for this album. They incorporate some electronic beats on Har Ji, which feels like a heartbeat taking you on a journey. They also brought an incredible four-string quartet to accompany them on this album. Sevati is truly an album to experience.

Listen to the music HERE

Album Launch : September 4, 2015

Livestream and Sevati Listening Party with Mirabai Ceiba : September 9, 2015

40 Day Global Meditation with “Akal Mahakal” : October 9 – November 16, 2015

Award winning Mirabai Ceiba is a duo consisting of guitarist/singer Markus Sieber and singer/harpist/keyboardist Angelika Baumbach. They come from different parts of the world. Markus is East German. Angelika was born in Tucson, Arizona, and grew up in a small village near Mexico City, the daughter of a Mexican mother and German father. Together, Angelika and Markus have forged engaging new style of world devotional music blending Gurmukhi mantras from the Kundalini Yoga tradition with original songs in English and Spanish that reflect a Native American influence and also draw words of wisdom from Rumi, Thich Nhat Hanh, Guru Nanak and Yogi Bhajan.

“Mirabai Ceiba’s last Album is titled “A hundred Blessings” and that’s like the music feels like: a beneficent and abundant gift from the universe.”

- Alan di Perna, writer for Yoga Journal and Rolling Stone

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