Actress LAUREL HARRIS Delivers Motherly Cruelty in Docu-Drama “THE CREEP BEHIND THE CAMERA”


LOS ANGELES (August 4, 2015) – Actress LAUREL HARRIS conveys cruel Motherly manipulation in the new docu-drama, “THE CREEP BEHIND THE CAMERA,” releasing VOD/PPV by Gravitas Ventures on August, 4th.

Directed by Pete Schuermann, “The Creep Behind The Camera” is an exploration into the making of the 1960’s B-movie sci-fi cult classic "The Creeping Terror" and its historic Hollywood con-man director Vic Savage (aka Art Nelson). Harris joins in the creepy tale as Nelson’s disturbed mother-in-law, Helen. Often torturous with her daughter Lois, Helen projected her fear of God's inevitable wrath upon her impressionable daughter with deranged passion.

Audiences got a first preview of the film and Harris’ disturbing performance during the films 2014 tour of international film festivals, including Fantasia Film Festival in Canada, Imagine Festival in Amsterdam, Pollygrind Las Vegas, Sci-Fi London, and LA Screamfest in Hollywood.

Harris was thrilled at the opportunity to be part of the project, adding “Helen could be dark and conniving one minute, then sweet, cordial and inviting the next. She was a true 'Mommie Dearest' character...and a lot of fun to play. It's not often these types of roles roll around, and playing the villain is always exciting."

Fans will remember Harris from her recent on-screen role as wife to screen veteran Willem Dafoe in the mystery-thriller, “Odd Thomas,” starring Anton Yelchin in the title role. Harris is also recognized by American Girl fans around the world for her portrayal of Mrs. Copeland in the 2013 franchise film, “Saige Paints the Sky,” opposite Jane Seymour and Kerr Smith. This talented actress has been building a solid reputation on the indie scene for her work in the films, “Legacy of the Tengu,” “Fall River,” and her own project, “Milk, Sugar, Cream & Air,” which found much success on the festival circuit. Harris recently signed a multi-year deal to continue as the spokesperson for the communications provider Mediacomm.

The Colorado native first entered into the world of performing as a dancer and then later choreographer, and was a founding member of Ormao Dance Company in Colorado Springs. She transitioned her skills into the acting and the voice-over worlds, eventually making her way to Hollywood and hasn’t looked back. 

Laurel Harris is represented by Imperium 7 Talent Agency.

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