Healthcare staffing agency, Aureus Medical, shares foods for the travel physical therapist that improve circulation on PT patients

Omaha, NE, (January 24, 2014) - Travel physical therapy professionals can benefit themselves and their patients by learning more about the causes and prevention of poor circulation. Healthcare staffing company and travel therapy jobs leader, Aureus Medical Group, shares what you can do to avoid poor circulation.

Whether it's injury or lifestyle related, poor circulation is something that can and should be addressed. This is especially important for individuals who are already at risk of heart disease, as the issue can lead to a hardening of the arteries and possible blockages, Fox News reported.

Your job could be a trigger of the problem, as spending too much time on your feet or too much time sitting at a desk can cause issues. If you are on your feet all day, the key is to wear the right shoes. At a desk job? Make sure that you get up and walk around a few times throughout the day. Other lifestyle factors include smoking, poor eating choices, and a lack of exercise. These all seem simple enough to fix, if you put your mind to it. And while you may know what not to be eating, there are a few foods that are ideal.

1. Hot peppers
Hot peppers and other spicy foods are actually good for your blood flow. As long as you aren't suffering from gastroenterological issues, you should consider tossing some cayenne pepper and other spices into your dishes. Spicy foods actually help to dissolve blood clots that have formed and certain hot peppers will also aid in reduced inflammation in the body, according to Living Green magazine.

2. Dark chocolate
While you may often encourage patients you work with on travel PT assignments to stay away from the sweets, dark chocolate is an OK option. And for those who are experiencing poor circulation, this treat provides a boost of flavonoids that helps to alleviate the issue. Flavonoids are actually found in plants and fruits naturally, so why not let yourself indulge occasionally?

Read the full article to learn which foods improve circulation.

About Aureus Medical Group:

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