The Negative Affects of Modern-Technology on Men as less Social-Intelligent Being

In today’s society, with the advancement of technologies and social media, that are supposedly making men’s life easier, the opposite is, nevertheless, true. Men are so clogged with information-overload and every new shiny object competing for their attention. The amount of distractions is unparalleled that it’s affecting the way how men social interact interpersonally with others to get back in touch with society.


Men are always fascinated by the latest gadgets and technologies, that they don’t devote time developing that social-intelligent being of them…not to mention compare to today’s modern technological advancement, it’s becoming harder.


The problem is men are by nature less socially-savvy about social interaction than women, but at the same time, they crave that social interaction as a deep ingrained new…but they don’t approach it easily and suavely.


They get labeled as creep, weird, and socially-awkward that it’s affecting all aspects of their life. When one area of your life suffers, the other begins to without that sense of fulfillment. What would be the point accomplishing goals, if you’re still feeling fulfillment after achieving them?


Every possession and success men want to achieve all come back to that inner unspoken emotion need of having people know about and share them with those they care about and love or to impress their friends and women.


Human-beings are all social-creatures, who crave validation, approval, and sense of belonging at heart wanting to hang out with our family, friends, or love-ones.  Very few people can live alone without the companionship of others for a long time.


There are very few authorities out there that address this topic of social skills mastery than, who understand this…and within their exclusive Nightly Nomad (  It will help men out there who’s been seeking so long for answers for this sort of problem…to make them more socially-savvy being.




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