Business and Financial Management Guidance for Start-Ups by Femia and Associates

Femia and Associates, a leading firm of professional accountants in Perth, offers business and financial management guidance for small and start-up businesses. The company talks about their services on their website.

[PERTH, JULY 4, 2014] – Femia and Associates, a premier firm of accountants based in Perth, guides small and start-up businesses in business and financial management. They provide cost-effective solutions and sound pieces of advice, propelling their client’s business to success.

Committed to professional services, the company executes results-oriented strategies for long-term investments and tax benefits. They help clients in planning a good investment without putting their finance at risk.

Well-Planned Strategies

According to Femia and Associates, starting or buying a business involves a great deal of planning. With this, they help their clients in planning their finances and budget to make a good investment while putting their company in a stable position in the industry. They explain that start-up companies need to think about certain factors, such as the current economic landscape and the performance of competitors, to avoid financial setbacks.

The company aims to achieve the business goals of every client through well-mediated plans and techniques. In achieving this, they provide professional advice to their clients, ensuring well-informed decisions and actions in the business. They recommend strategies and flexible business structures that suit the clients’ accounting needs and financial situation.

Long-Term Solutions

Striving to help businesses achieve increased cash flow, Femia and Associates perform comprehensive business diagnosis to know which areas of the business need enhancement. Through their certified business coaches, they develop plans in addressing issues and promoting business growth.

The company upholds transparent service by helping clients with tax planning and procuring financial records. They deliver long-term solutions not only to keep the business of their clients growing, but also to build a reputable identity for the company.


Femia and Associates, a renowned accountancy firm in Perth, provides cost-effective solutions for the accounting and tax needs of businesses and individuals. From giving advice on self managed super funds to providing services for complete accounting solutions, the company is dedicated to assisting their clients in expanding their business while complying with significant tax laws. Througha team of certified accountants, they provide clients with the support they need forprogressive business expansion and development. They coordinate closely with clients to easily address predicaments as they reach the projected business goals. 

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