Concierge Services at Signature Detailing

Signature Detailing recognizes that clients cannot always take time out to bring their cars to the detail shops for service. This is why the company offers customers concierge services to make the process faster and more convenient.

[Salt Lake, April 30, 2014] - Signature Detailing, a detailing shop in Utah, offers concierge services for car detailing to make the process faster and more convenient. The company recognizes that clients cannot always take the time to bring their vehicles to the shops for servicing.

Signature Detailing’s concierge services include picking up a customer’s vehicle for detailing, and dropping them off wherever the customer specified when the work is done. The shop’s employees can pick the vehicle up when customers are at work, home, or anywhere in between. The company explains that the detailing work done on vehicles takes a while. Rather than have customers wait, the shop goes to them.

The team understands how some customers may feel trepidation in allowing strangers to drive their vehicles. But the company is fully insured for vehicle protection, and assures customers that they do not need to worry about the state of the vehicle, because it will come back in better condition.

Signature Detailing’s team is made up of professionals that only work with the latest tools, compounds, dressings, and procedures. The company is constantly looking for new ways and techniques on auto-detailing technology to make the process faster and more thorough.

They also offer extensive options to protect or repair the paint. According to the company, these option give customers the confidence that the exterior will not be affected by the normal wear and tear that comes with driving on the road

Signature Detailing’s goal is to make customers happy, and offers an array of options that serve the needs of every kind of budget.

About Signature Detailing

Signature Detailing is a specialized detail shop based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They provide exceptional services and is an authorized dealer for high quality coating products, such as OptiCoat and 22PLE. They only work by appointment, which allows them to take their time in inspecting the vehicles thoroughly and providing showroom quality results.

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