Battling pest invasion this spring

Springs signals the arrival of problem

Spring has arrived and it’s time for fun. The migratory birds would be returning soon and the sun would be out there for more hours. This allows you to enjoy the warmth. However, you need to be careful about your home. This is the season when pests start coming out of their winter hiding. This calls for the need for homeowners to direct their efforts at pest control. There are various pests that inflict damage on house hold items and humans. The most common ones are the termites, ants, Centipedes, Earwigs Sow Bugs, Millipedes and Springtails.

This is the time when Pests multiply and form colonies

The time has started when these pests would begin multiplying. This multiplication can possibly expand into a habitat. More importantly, homes tend to be within the risk of contracting termite colonies. This can lead to infestations and hence damage.

How to battle the imminent pest invasion

Various effective ideas are being discussed here to help you battle the pest invasion and protect your home this spring. One of the main sources of concern for the homeowners is the termite colonies. This is because these pests can possibly inflict heavy damage on the household items. If such infestations are left unchecked, then they will only continue to grow and cause further damage. Besides pertaining to other pest, these tips will also focus specificity on termite control.

You can start your mission by removing dead leaves, debris and twigs from your yard. These happen to be the perfect places for pests. All these items must have built up in your yard during winter.

You also need to trim down the trees and bushes. An important precaution is to cut down any branch that is touching your house. Such branches are walkways for pests to enter your house.

Look out for pipes that are leaking and require a repair. Attend to these tasks urgently. Repair other fixtures as well. This is because many pests look for a water source. Cracks and leakages provide them an access into the house. You need to ensure that the gutters are all clean.

If there are any gaps or cracks in the window, foundation or doorways, then make sure to fill them.

Pay attention to your kitchen. Keep it clean and remove any food crumb that may attract a pest.

One more important task is to clean out the cluttered storage areas. These are the places where  a pest can hide.

These preventative steps will assist in stopping an infestation before it occurs. It is always easier to prevent a pest problem from occurring than treating one.

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