HVAC Duct Design – Choosing the Right Designer

Looking for cost-effective yet efficient HVAC duct design services? A robust experience in duct designing and installation is essential. Read on further to find more factors to weigh to arrive at an educated decision.

Are you looking for professional HVAC duct design services? How do you find inexpensive yet high quality services to get the job done fast? Whether you are a builder or a contractor looking for comprehensive HVAC duct design, discussed here are some important factors to consider choosing the right designer. HVAC duct designing is a complex process and demands professional expertise. No wonder, you cannot compromise doing it yourself. Hence, it is important to hire an expert designer who has vast experience and skills in duct designing and installation in a cost effective and comprehensive manner.

One of the most important factors to consider is the experience and skill set of the designer. HVAC duct designing is an intricate process and the designer needs to have vast industry experience and skill in the domain. Not only he has to be well-knowledgeable about HVAC system, but also remarkably trained in duct designing. He has to understand core needs of the client in the most comprehensive manner, creating a unique and functional design for HVAC design. Remember, you cannot compromise with quality here and hence, it is important that you compare the experience and skill set of the designers to choose one that guarantees best solution for HVAC duct design.     

The designer should have at least 5 years of professional experience related to the specific industry of conducting duct work for commercial and industrial buildings. Next, consider the type of duct designing services offered by the designer. Typically, professional HVAC duct designing services include:

•    Manual D duct designs
•    Natural ventilation
•    Smoke evacuation
•    Forced ventilation
•    Gas piping design and schematics
•    Coordinating I Joist (TJI) Precut Duct Opening
•    Green building solutions and energy efficiency
•    Upgrading existing HVAC systems
•    Onsite consulting
•    HVAC estimation
•    Thermal assessment for occupant comfort
•    Plan review and value engineering

On the other hand, the designer should be able to provide detailed shop drawings for HVAC duct to facilitate fabrication and installation. Using advanced EC CAD/CAM duct work drafting programs can further add to the expertise and skill of the designer. In addition to this, the designer should also provide “as built” drawings for record transmission, coordination drawings, and support for “design build” projects. Look for a designer who offers dedicated services in shop fabrication and field installation as well as one who has fine tuned the understanding of duct work layout and designing.  If required, seek HVAC duct drawings that reflect seasoned field experience.

There are several companies offering professional HVAC duct design services; however, the best choice happens to be one that offers comprehensive duct design solutions and installation. By choosing the right designer, not only you may get better results, but you will also have a valuable resource that can be used over and over again whenever you need professional services for your business. Finally, compare the prices offered by different designers and choose one that not only guarantees affordable rates, but also delivers a fantastic value for money.  

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