Love forever with eternity wedding bands

Eternity bands symbolize eternal love. These bands are mostly used as anniversary gifts. Husbands are known to gift these bands to their wives to show how much they love them. But this doesn't mean that these bands cannot be used for weddings. Eternity wedding bands are crafted so beautifully that one is bound to fall in love with them at first sight. When you buy an eternity wedding band for your intended you not only buy a symbol of love but you also buy something different, something unique.

If you consider the eternity wedding bands most people prefer then you would be looking at those bands where the stones are inlaid on the band. An eternity wedding band with three diamonds or other gemstones also has a nice symbol – the three stones depict past, present and future. This means you tell your intended that you were with them in the past, you will be there with them at present and you will be forever with them in future. This does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

The concept of eternity bands was made popular by De Beers in the 1960s. It is said that De Beers had a secret pact with the Soviet Union by promoting the smaller diamonds available there. This gave rise to the concept of eternity rings and De Beers being De Beers, they successfully managed to market this concept. Once the concept caught fire everyone wanted to buy one for their love in life.

When you look at the eternity wedding bands available in the market you will find many where small diamonds are inlaid throughout the length of the band. While these bands look amazingly beautiful they can also be cumbersome to manage, especially when it is being worn by someone working fulltime. The other alternative is where you buy an eternity wedding band that has the stones inlaid on the face of the band. The portion of the band below doesn’t have any stones and is easier to manage.

The most popular eternity wedding bands are made of gold and diamonds. However, there are other options that you may want to consider. You may choose an eternity wedding band made of platinum and emeralds or rubies. You could also consider bands that are made of combinations of rubies, emeralds and diamonds or other gemstones. What matters the most is that your intended and you both like the look of the band.

Remember that every woman wants a unique wedding ring and finding a unique ring could be tough. So, if you want something different you could consider eternity wedding bands. These bands are usually not gifted on the wedding day. But when you go through the online catalogs of some of the top jewelers in the country you are bound to fall in love with these bands. It would seem natural to buy an eternity wedding band for your intended over every other type of wedding ring that you come across online.

Eternity wedding bands symbolize eternal love. Buy an eternity wedding band for your wedding to make it last forever.