On Duty Handy Man is Your Trusted Home Improvement Contractor

Alexandria, Virginia For many home owners, one of the challenging parts of any home improvement in Alexandria, VA is not the work itself, but it is finding a reliable contractor who can do the job at an affordable price. Knocking down walls, installing kitchen cabinets, or simply retiling the bathroom can be pretty simple as long as you hire a contractor who can perform the job with the highest standards from start to finish. There have been stories about contractors who have torn apart areas in the home and never returned, or the projects would cost three times the original estimate. With On Duty Handyman, LLC, you will receive nothing but excellent services at very competitive prices.


Even if there are several do-it-yourself projects you can handle, it is best to know your limitations, especially in terms of experience and the right equipment. If you have a big project in mind such as adding a room that is outside of your skills capacity, turning to professionals is a wise choice. Professional contractors are able to think of the bigger picture. They work with you through the entire project from the designs to the finished outcome. They may also hire subcontractors for specialty work such as plumbing, formulation, electricity, and carpentry.


On Duty Handyman, LLC is a licensed and insured company that specializes in home improvement in Alexandria, VA. No matter how simple or complex your remodeling or renovation project is, they are ready to take on the job. Your house is a major investment and they know that you would want everything done professionally. They pride themselves on the excellent customer service they offer, and they help their clients meet their needs and wishes.


They offer their customers a variety of services that can make your home look as good as new. Whether you are looking to give your bathroom or kitchen a fresh new look or even improve on some repairs, they can assist you with your plumbing needs such as troubleshooting your kitchen and bathroom plumbing, repair leaks (copper and PVC plumbing), installation and troubleshooting (toilets, sinks, faucets, and garbage disposals), blocked drain and pipe troubleshooting, and grout and calking services.


Another important feature when it comes to home improvements is electrical services such as updating your outlets or light fixtures. You might even want to add additional features like a ceiling fan or a chandelier. On Duty Handyman can help you with all of your electrical needs including the installation of light fixtures, installation of chandeliers, installation of ceiling fans, replacement of outlets and switches, installation of smoke detectors, installation of thermostats, installation of outdoor lighting, installation and troubleshooting of bathroom and kitchen vents, and installation and troubleshooting of garbage disposals.


If you need a new paint job because you are sick of the color in your home, you can always brighten up those shutters through indoor and outdoor painting services or dry wall repairs. Otherwise, if painting cannot fix the job to give your home a fresh new look, power washing might be the solution for a cleaner appearance. Their team can power wash your stairs, sidewalks, and decks.


Do you enjoy the fresh air that comes into your home with the windows open? To prevent mosquitoes and other pests from coming in, they also cater your window and door needs which include installation and repair of window screens, weather stripping, replacement of room doors (bathroom, living room, etc), and installation and replacement of all door knobs and locks.


If you are looking to update your floors, On Duty Handyman can install vinyl flooring, hardwood floors, and tile and ceramic floors, and they also do repairs. If you are ready for a brand new fence and need your old one removed, or possibly want to dismantle that old shed that is in your backyard, they offer light demolition and hauling service to meet your requirements for drywall, tile, fencing, sheds, decks, small trees and shrubs, leaves, small appliances, and furniture.


On Duty Handyman, LLC has an excellent team to work on your desired home improvement in Alexandria, VA. They have the skills, knowledge and experience to handle all of your projects to make sure you get exactly what you envisioned. If you are in need of experts in remodelling, flooring, or renovation projects, you can always count on them. Contact them for a free estimate at 703-395-7549 or email them at