Jagex Revealing Plans about Mining & Smithing & RS Cheap Gold

Jagex has announced its rough plan for Mining & Smithing. And Jagex has attached an informal list of what is considered to be the big questions that need answering. Here a commentary about it is analyzed. If you want to buy RS gold, remember to come to RSorder.

Plan for Mining & Smithing announced by the official

Firstly, the official will work with the community to gather a new, agreed list of requirements and restrictions for what rework must do and also what it mustn't do. Many of these are likely to conflict so they'll have to negotiate a compromise. This may involve a lot of exploration and explanation of how things like the economy actually work, and what the long term impact of changes and lack of changes will be. 

Secondly, Jagex wants to reuse the existing design where it fits into this new requirement framework.

Thirdly, Jagex intends to design new features or take suggestions to fill the gaps and differences between the design and the requirements where that is necessary.

Commentary towards some big questions

Mining & Smithing is satisfying and enjoyable now. However, there needs to be thought given to the auxiliary.

As for the balance of profit, it’s acceptable for dangerous PvM to make more profit than skilling. However, many low level bosses, and most of Slayer are no more risky than skilling is. So I'd say Dangerous PvM with lots of supplies used/death>Non-Dangerous PvM=Gathering Skills=Manufacturing Skills. IT may be hard to find a way to make manufacturing valuable, but would be best.

Also, there should be methods to make decent money at all levels even if they aren't exactly efficient exp. And there should be profitable at cap.

Besides, value is generally measured in 2 ways for RS players. For tradable, it’s gp/hour, and for untradeable, it’s the ultimate utility in helping you get some goal (more exp, more gp, maybe an untradeable item, etc). So, 1m may seem like a lot for a smithed item, but if it takes 5 hours to create, and then it’s not very good.

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