The Epigenetics Discovery Congress | 24 - 25 September 2015, London, UK

In less than two decades epigenetic research has led to breakthrough discoveries in therapeutics and diagnostics of major diseases like cancer, alzheimer’s, diabetes, neurological disorders, auto-immune diseases and many others. Application of epigenetic research in drug discovery, early detection and prevention of disease, nutrition and health calls for a collaborative approach between academia and the healthcare industry.

With an aim to create a common platform to enable intensive discussion and exchange of information on harnessing epigenetic research for medical and clinical application the ‘Epigenetics Discovery Congress’ will bring together expert scientists and academics from top research institutes and leading pharma, bio-pharma and biotechnology companies to meet and network over two interactive days.

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• Role of Epigenetics in drug discovery
• Development of epigenetic biomarkers for detection of disease
• Epigenetics in personalized medicine
• Impact of environmental factors and nutrition on epigenetics
• Chromatin development and reprogramming
• Emerging technology in epigenetics
• Epigenetic bio-informatics and data analysis

With epigenetic research producing promising results in the cure of major diseases, epigenetic discoveries are bringing a revolution in the global therapeutic and diagnostic market.

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