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CRB Tech reviews  would like to cover today, the most fundamental things optimization of url in SEO. These are the structure of URLs and domain name.Here we define 5 best tips for URL optimization in SEO. It is high time that we throw some light on it. One thing which we would like to clear is that, each of these techniques are not essential and critical to implement on each of the pages that you create. In other words, these practices would fall under the category of those things which would prove to be great if followed. If not, then there is no loss as such. It is not the ultimate thing in on page optimization. One funda which each SEO guy needs to remember is, the easier we make things for the search engines, the better it is for us.

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1.Remember, the more easy to read, the better it is:

It is but obvious that, the easier a URL is for reading, the better it is for the search engines. Easy accessibility is always important in SEO. Even more these days, when search engines can use advanced users and data signals as a lever to find out what people are engaged in vs not. It is not necessary that every bit of the URL is clean and perfect, but it should be easily grasped by the viewers of it.

This is basically a subjective topic.

2.Usage of Keywords in URLs:

It is supposed that you have done your keywords research before writing the content on the site. Using the keywords in the URL is a great idea for various reasons.

In the first place, keywords in the URL demonstrate to the individuals who see your URL on social media, in an email, or as they drift on a link to click that they’re getting what they need and expect, as appeared in the Meta-filter case beneath (note how floating on the link demonstrates the URL in the bottom left-hand corner).

Second, URLs get copied and pasted routinely, and when there’s no use of anchor text utilized as a part of a link, the URL itself serves as that anchor text (which is still an intense contribution for rankings).

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Third and the last thing, keywords in the URL are displayed in search results. This makes clear that, URL is a primary thing viewers consider while choosing which site to click.

3.Multiple URL’s with same content:

Copy content isn’t generally a search engine penalty (at any rate, not until/unless you begin copying at extensive scales), however, it can bring about a split of ranking signals that can hurt your pursuit traffic potential. On the off chance that Page A has some amount of ranking capacity and its copy, Page A2, has a comparative amount of ranking capacity, by canonicalizing them, Page A can have a superior opportunity to rank and acquire visits.

Thus, if there are two URLs with similar content, canonicalize them by using 301 redirect or a rel=canonical. To avoid this, content optimization and uniqueness are the preventive measures.

4.Filter out dynamic URL parameters whenever possible:

Static URL in SEO and dynamic URL in SEO are important concepts and need to be taken into consideration.

Some dynamic URL parameters are utilized for tracking links (like those embedded by well known social sharing applications, e.g. Buffer). As a rule, these don’t bring about a gigantic issue, however they may make for fairly unattractive and clumsily long URLs. Utilize your own particular judgment around whether the following parameter advantages exceed the negatives.

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In the event that you can abstain from utilizing URL parameters, do as such. On the off chance that you have more than two URL parameters, it’s most likely worth making a genuine speculation to revamp them as static URL, meaningful, content.

5.Shorter vs Longer:

Shorter URLs are, as a rule, ideal. You don’t have to take this to the extreme, and if your URL is now under 50-60 characters, don’t stress over it by any stretch of the imagination. Be that as it may, in the event that you have URLs pushing 100+ characters, there’s likely a chance to revamp them and increase value.