Cigarettes Online Offer New Savings for Budget Conscious Smokers

US – April 2, 2014. A new blog online is now offering hope for smokers everywhere by featuring new websites from which budget-conscious smokers can buy cigarettes online. Numerous websites are added on a regular basis, so that more discount cigarettes may be available for smokers desperate for savings.

It’s no secret that governments everywhere are imposing taxes on items such as tobacco and alcohol. In the US, taxes are imposed both on federal and state levels. The federal tax is fixed at $1.0066 per pack.

State tax rates vary, with New York imposing the highest tax rate at $2.75 per pack. The lowest tax rate can be found in South Carolina, where the tax per pack is just $0.07. The trend for these taxes is to increase. From 1997 to 2008, the increase in state taxes on cigarettes is almost 198%.

Part of the reason for the increases is that consumption is steadily going down. There were twice as many smokers back in 1980 as there are smokers today. Yet despite this, federal and state collections of taxes have steadily increased through the years. With Online Cigarette Store, customers may be able to avoid having to pay all these taxes.

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Online Cigarette Store is a premiere directory for websites where smokers can buy cigarettes online. Here numerous websites are featured where discount cigarettes are available. Taxes on cigarettes are one way for the federal government and state governments to make money, but Online Cigarette Store offers new hope that cigarettes online can make smoking more affordable to millions of people all over the world. Websites offering other tobacco items, as well as perfumes and cosmetics, are featured as well. Online Cigarette Store can be found at

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