Second Chance Car Loans from BlueSky Auto Finance

[San Ramon, CA, January 21, 2014] – BlueSky Auto Finance, a trusted car financing company in the US, provides people with bad credit an opportunity to get auto financing through its second chance car loans. Whether clients suffer from bad credit due to job loss or bankruptcy, BlueSky Auto Finance provides the assistance of professional finance managers who will help them own a much-needed vehicle.

The company knows that due to the devastating effects of the most recent recession, second chance car loans have increased in popularity. As the economy recovers and people go back to work, sub-prime car loans increase in demand and one of the lenders offering them is BlueSky Auto Finance.

Requirements for Second Chance Car Loans

BlueSky Auto Finance is aware that people with poor credit score deserve another chance, but a careful assessment must be done before the company takes the risk. Some requirements needed for this type of loan are the following:

·         Bankruptcies should be discharged

·         A minimum FICO score of 525 and above

·         No vehicle repossession within the last 12 months

·         Have at least one paid as agreed installment or revolving account

·         Gross monthly income before taxes should be minimum of $1800 dollars

Other factors that help applicants get approved include job stability, type of vehicle, and down payment. If they fail to meet the criteria above, their best option is with a car dealer that offers in-house financing.

Instant Application and Approval

Second chance car loans give them the opportunity to build their credit score faster than any other traditional auto loans. The company provides expert advice on such situations and has a team of specialists who are capable of guiding clients to get auto financing. BlueSky Auto Finance provides low interest rates to borrowers with instant approval. Through a fast online loan application and quick response from its financers, clients can get loan approval in a matter of hours.

About BlueSky Auto Finance

BlueSky Auto Finance is one of the leading financing companies that provide several ways of acquiring a car, even for people with bad credit. Since 2004, the company has been offering its services 24 hours a day through its website. BlueSky Auto Finance specializes in providing people the opportunity buy a car, regardless of their credit score.

Interested clients can visit for more information about the financing services offered.