Improve online privacy: use an anonymous ip!

Searching for the best way to stay safe while browsing the internet? Looking for measures to increase online privacy? Then, what you have to do is get a proxy ip, an anonymous ip and stay away from dangers! No more viruses that can affect your computer, no more third parties accessing personal data, no more hackers and so on! Staying safe online has never been simpler than with this specialised software: install it today!


The more the internet is becoming a friend of ours, the greater the risks can be because of one simple phenomenon: we are tempted to reveal more and more personal information! Not to mention that with our ip address we do that without even realizing it! According to specialists, hackers live from exploiting this weakness that simple users have: to disclose private data!


Well, in such a situation, it is required for the user to learn how to defend against any possible problems or attacks of the cybernetic world. Many experts recommend as the most efficient way to improve online privacy and thus protect valuable data to use a proxy ip, an anonymous ip that can keep us away from trouble.


Basically, a proxy ip is provided by a different server, a proxy server encrypted in order to guarantee maximum security while browsing the internet. Actually, this is one of the most important aspects of an anonymous ip: you don’t know which the hosting server is. In other words, you cannot attack something you don’t know where it is!


On the other hand, a proxy ip has been designed to keep away also national authorities, like the government to process your data without your permission. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens and having an anonymous ip will keep you away from such unfair attempts.


Also, by using an anonymous ip you cannot be attacked by smart viruses that can affect your personal files. In recent years, there are more and more types of viruses and malware that can mess up your entire computer. These viruses encode your ip address and then attack it without you even realizing what is happening.


The truth is that the internet is all about being invisible. So, why shouldn’t you be invisible as well?! All there is left to do now is to download the award-winning software for hiding your ip and change the way you browse the internet! The costs are very convenient, only $7 per month and only $84.95 for a premium annual subscription.


So, with a few clicks, you download and install the program and check out the new proxy ip you have at your disposal! And when you receive also friendly and efficient customer assistance to answer all your questions, it’s really impossible to turn down the offer!

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