VMD offers drawing floor plan at flat fifty percent discount through CAD, a technology that increases visibility, flexibility, and aesthetic pleasure

9th January, 2014 New Delhi, India VMD Graphics and Technologies Pvt. Ltd. launches a new offer of flat fifty percent discount at floor plan drafting through CAD. Computer Aided Drafting has become an inevitable tool for realtors, contactors, and home owners. This offer will prevent them from spending hefty amounts without compromising with the quality. Earlier people used to believe that CAD services are mend to be availed by affluent people and big entrepreneurs. But, now small business owners and even any common man can afford these services.

“We are offering a flat 50% discount to make CAD Services affordable for even a simple common man. So, that everyone can get the opportunity to realize his dream home in better way” said, the director Mr. Avinish. People are weaned from manual drafting, since Computer Aided Drafting gets them the opportunity to view the floor plan with increased visibility and aesthetic pleasure. They also get the flexibility to make some changes in desired way.

VMD provides two-dimensional and 3D floor plans as well as customizes them to comply with the specifications made by the client. The services have been already made cost-effective; additionally the projects are accomplished before the deadline. The floor plans are embedded with separate layers, and necessary entities as blocks and symbols. Unbeatable quality of services and unmatched price make it popular among, realtors, big and small construction companies.

“We have hundreds of satisfied clients and now we are looking forward to keep the list of our satisfied clients increasing, if once we get the opportunity” said the director Mr. Avinish. We are all set to welcome clients with our talent, efficiency and capabilities, he added.

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